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Sport activities

Discover your adventurous side in Tarragona

The province of Tarragona is a very complete tourist destination, as it offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for all tastes and levels of difficulty. From hiking and cycling routes, to water sports and climbing, through golf and the practice of winter sports in the nearby Pyrenees.

Next, we will tell you everything you need to know to fully enjoy these activities and the impressive nature that the Tarragona region offers.

  • Hiking: The province of Tarragona has a wide variety of hiking trails that offer spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the nearby mountains. Some of the most popular routes are the Camino de Ronda, the GR-92 and the Ruta del Cister.

  • Cycling: Cycling is another popular activity in the Tarragona area, both on the road and in the mountains. There are numerous routes for cycling, such as the Vía Verde, which follows the old railway line and offers rural and urban landscapes.

  • Golf: Golf lovers will find several courses in the Tarragona area, such as the Bonmont Golf Club, which is located on a farm between mountains and offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Water sports: The Tarragona coast is ideal for practicing water sports, such as surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. You can also practice sports such as kayaking and paddle surfing on some of the beaches in the area.

  • Climbing: If you are a climbing lover, the Tarragona area has some of the best climbing areas in Spain. Some of the most popular areas are Siurana and Montsant, which offer spectacular views and challenging climbing routes.

  • Ski: The proximity of the Tarragona area to the Pyrenees allows you to practice winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. The closest ski resorts are Port Ainé, Espot and Baqueira Beret.
Sport activities
Sport activities Sport activities Sport activities Sport activities Sport activities Sport activities