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Discover the authentic flavors of Tarragona

The Tarragona area is known for its rich gastronomy that offers a wide variety of typical dishes, from the famous calçotada to traditional rice dishes and sausages. In the region, there is a wide variety of restaurants offering typical food from the area, from tapas bars to Michelin-starred haute cuisine restaurants. In addition, the local markets and gastronomic events are a unique opportunity to taste the local gastronomy and culture. But not only that, in the area you can also taste local wines in different wineries in the region, an experience that you cannot miss if you visit the Tarragona area.

Next, we invite you to learn more about the delicious typical food and the culinary culture of the area.

  • Typical food of the area: The Tarragona area has a rich gastronomy, with typical dishes such as calçotada, rice dishes, escalivada, xató, fideuà and coca de recapte. Sea products also stand out, such as fresh fish and shellfish and traditional sausages from the area.

  • Local restaurants: In the Tarragona area you can find a wide variety of restaurants that offer typical food from the region, from small taverns and tapas bars to fine dining restaurants with Michelin stars. Seafood and rice restaurants are also popular due to the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Tapas Bars: Tapas bars are very popular in Tarragona and throughout Spain. It's a way to eat informally and socialize at the same time. In Tarragona, you can find traditional tapas bars that offer a wide variety of tapas, from the most classic ones such as potato omelette and croquettes, to more elaborate tapas with local products such as fresh seafood and typical sausages.

  • Local markets: The Tarragona area has a wide variety of local markets where you can find fresh, quality products. The Central Market of Tarragona, located in the historic center, and the Mercat de Reus, one of the largest and most popular in the area, stand out. In addition, in many of the nearby towns weekly markets are held where you can find local and artisan products. These markets are a unique opportunity to get to know the gastronomy and culture of the Tarragona area.

  • Gastronomic events: The Tarragona area is famous for its gastronomic events, such as the Falset Wine Fair, the Les Borges Blanques Oil Fair and the Valls Calçotada Fair. Various food and drink festivals are also held in different locations in the area throughout the year, offering a unique opportunity to try the local gastronomy and discover new flavors.

  • Wine tourism: In the Tarragona area, in addition to enjoying its rich gastronomy, you can also taste the local wines in the different wineries of the region. Some of the most recognized wineries are Pinord, Mas Vicenç, Celler Augustus Forum, Celler Vendrell-Rived, Celler Mas Vicenç, among others, where you can practice wine tourism and learn about the wine production process. Undoubtedly, an experience that you cannot miss if you visit the Tarragona area.
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